Expertise At Work

Lanier Jones is the critical link between your business and its heating and cooling systems. We deliver customized solutions that match the unique needs of your industry and workspace, and a level of service that our larger competitors simply can’t or won’t match. Whether you have one office or a central plant, Lanier Jones is the problem-solving partner you need.

Who We Are

With over 80 years of collective experience across an array of markets, we are uniquely qualified to deliver the commercial HVAC solutions that will optimize your buildings performance. Utilizing tomorrows technologies and our own brand of fast, personalized service, our job is to give you one less thing to worry about at yours. Thats what a valued mechanical systems partner does, which makes sense, because thats exactly who we are.


  • Service & Repairs

    When the mechanical system in your building stops working, it can have a significant impact on the work of everyone inside, especially in a mission-critical setting. In order to minimize disruption and downtime, our service department is available 24/7 to respond to your needs.  One of our technicians will diagnose your situation, and recommend the most efficient, cost-effective solution that will get you back to business as usual.

  • Maintenance

    Just like you’d go to your physician for an annual check-up, we believe the best way to keep your mechanical system running smoothly is with a regular schedule of maintenance. Not only does this allow us to perform the tasks required to keep your equipment working properly, it allows us to diagnose and plan for potential issues before they happen. When it comes to your heating and cooling system, nobody likes surprises, especially us.

  • Equipment Replacement

    Even the best mechanical systems break down with age. If you’re getting to the point where making repairs on your current system no longer makes financial sense, we’ll tell you. Then we’ll provide you with recommendations for a replacement system that best fits the current and future needs of your workspace. Whether it’s a simple roof top unit or a complex chilled water system, Lanier Jones will handle your equipment replacement as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • Design & Build

    Our objective for every one of our commercial design & engineering projects is exactly the same: to find the right solution for your specific needs. At the start of our collaboration, well perform a deep-dive on any number of influential variables including cost, budget, workspace, and long-term goals. Ultimately, well identify the most cost-effective, long-range solution that fits you best, with engineered plans designed to transform your vision into reality. 

  • Plans & Specifications

    When your equipment needs have been specified and drawn, it’s time to engage a partner who can meet your mechanical installation requirements. With wide-ranging capabilities, from our startup department to in-house sheet metal installers and pipefitters, Lanier Jones stands ready to take on your next project.


  • Commercial

    Whether it’s a corporate high-rise or a solitary bank branch, providing a comfortable working environment is essential for keeping workers happy and productive. If it’s performing a quarterly systems check or replacing equipment quickly and efficiently, Lanier Jones will do everything we can to make sure the airflow doesn’t interfere with the workflow in your office or retail space. And as always, we’ll do it with an eye on your bottom line.

    Areas of Expertise:

    Commercial Office Space, High-Rise Buildings, Corporate Campuses, Retails Spaces, Bank Branches, Data Centers

  • Light Commercial

    With over 4,000 light commercial HVAC units under our supervision, Lanier Jones maintains a significant presence in the light commercial market. Whether you’re a property manager responsible for hundreds of buildings or a single tenant, we have the expertise and capacity to handle the heating and air conditioning needs of your facility.

    Areas of Expertise:

    Small Offices, Warehouses

  • Industrial

    We don’t have to tell you that any kind of unexpected downtime in your manufacturing facility or factory can have a severe impact on your bottom line. With so much riding on your mechanical systems, you need an experienced partner like Lanier Jones on your team to make sure your heating and cooling needs are being met consistently and efficiently. With years of hands-on expertise under our collective belt, we can provide you with the customized solutions that best meet your time, power, and workspace requirements.

    Areas of Expertise

    Manufacturing Plants/Facilities, Laboratories, Pharmaceutical Processing, Food Processing

  • Healthcare

    When people’s health and well-being are at stake, you need a mechanical systems partner that can match your level of urgency with the same amount of reassuring experience and expertise. Lanier Jones has years of healthcare-specific experience dealing with the complex parts and systems that are typically found in hospitals and healthcare facilities. Let us provide you with the peace of mind you need regarding your mechanical systems so you can focus on what really matters: the patients in your care.

    Areas of Expertise

    Hospitals, Medical Office Buildings, Clinics, Research Facilities

  • Schools/Places of Worship

    From large congregations and assemblies to smaller, classroom-sized groups, you need your facility to accommodate a variety of gatherings and scenarios – and do it comfortably. Lanier Jones can provide you with the versatile solutions you need to maximize comfort and efficiency in your public gathering places, regardless of variables like number of people in attendance, the time of year, etc.

    Areas of Expertise:

    Schools, Places of Worship, Theaters, Gymnasiums, Non-Profits, Laboratories



    Frank has over 25 years of experience in the mechanical systems industry. His diverse background includes stints in both the business and technical sides of the field, which gives him a uniquely well-rounded perspective when it comes to advising Lanier Jones’ clients. Frank served as the CFO and part-owner of Peachtree Heating & Air Conditioning, which became one of the largest service and replacement companies in the country. He was also the VP of Operations for Mallory & Evans Service, one of Georgia’s largest full-service mechanical contractors. As one of the principals of Lanier Jones, Frank is very much a hands-on owner, drawing on his rich experience to collaborate with clients and make sure they get the service and solutions that suit them best. Frank will be the first to tell you that he’s always just a phone call away. 


    Even though he’s one of the principals of the company, Rick Lanier is still very much hands-on in the day-to-day workings of Lanier Jones. That’s because he doesn’t know any other way. Rick has spent his entire career literally learning the nuts and bolts of the mechanical systems industry, rising from an entry level position in the residential replacement market to the Manager of Service Operations at Mallory & Evans Service, one of Georgia’s largest full-service metal contractors. Rick has over two decades of experience getting his hands dirty at companies such as York International and the Trane Company. There isn’t any heating and cooling part, piece or technology that Rick isn’t familiar with, from split systems to large package units to centrifugal chillers. Rick oversees all of Lanier Jones’ work, making sure everything lives up to his own long-standing standard of excellence.

What Can Lanier Jones Do For You?

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Case Studies

Just a few of the great companies we’ve been honored to work with: